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by Vivian M Knapp

Crabs are very familiar to us, especially those who live by the sea. On every sea trip, everyone will have a chance to enjoy crab, which has a firm, sweet, delicious meat that is easy to get addicted to. You can also process it in many different ways such as soup, steaming, sauce, etc.

However, many people don’t understand all about this seafood, especially its taste. This article will answer the question of what does crab taste like and other information about this nutritious seafood. Let’s explore!

What Does Crab Taste Like?

Crabs have very firm flesh, plenty of meat in the body, claws, and legs. You can recognize meat crabs by looking at their bibs. Crab having a triangular shape and sweet, chewy meat is the best quality crab. 

Unlike other kinds of seafood like uni taste, crabmeat has a rich and tender flavor, the sweetness of which may be hidden by the saltiness of crab. But when you eat it along with acidic flavors such as lemon or lime, the succulent meat displays an original flavor of delightfully sweet and salty surprise in your mouth.

There are many kinds of crab, and their taste is also different. Here are some of the most popular crabs that you often see.

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Blue Crab

Blue crab is a large edible swimming crab that you can find on the Atlantic coast of North America. It has the smallest size among all kinds of crab, which is only 10 inches in length. Anyway, it has excellent taste.  

Blue crab comes with a light taste and is similar to gulf shrimp. You can combine it with some dishes like biscuits, chowders, and scampi sauce. It may have a milder flavor than other crabs, so you will have a better experience with it. 

Snow Crab

Snow crab meat is also very delicious with many different ways of preparation. For those who are passionate about the soft, sweet, and naturally firm taste of snow crab, steaming is a simple way to help retain the natural flavor of snow crab.

Grilled snow crab will be sweet, soft, succulent, and not dry. You can dip it with a few salt and pepper lemon or homemade sauces to enhance the flavor of this seafood! 

In addition, the dish of grilled snow crab with tamarind is attractive with the special sour taste of tamarind, the sweet and salty spices combine very harmoniously, and the crab meat is fully absorbed.

King Crab

There are three main types of king crab on the market with different flavors:

  • Red King Crab: The strong red shell in its body is the most prominent color. Moreover, people also rate this type of crab for the firmest and most delicious meat quality. No matter how people process it, red king crab still retains its sweet, succulent, and extremely rich flavor.
  • Blue King Crab: It has a characteristic brown shell, adorned with many small blue spots and sharp claws. Although we cannot compare the meat quality of blue king crabs with red king crabs, their sweet and delicious taste is still a highlight, attracting many diners all over the world.
  • Golden King Crab: It has a smaller size and a unique yellow-brown shell, containing many sharp spines. Yellow king crab meat contains little fat, a sweet taste but is very fragrant and firm. Moreover, this type of crab has a reasonable price, so many people love and choose it.

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab, a species of crab inhabits the bottom of the Zostera seaweed and the bottom of the west coast of North America. It is usually 20 cm across and is a enjoyable seafood. Their meat is sweet, sensitive, delicate, and their taste is better when eaten with other dishes like sushi.

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Health Benefit Of Crabs

In many articles, nutritionists have concluded that sea crabs have high nutritional value and are beneficial for human health.

Crabmeat contains many nutrients that play an important role in protecting the human’s cardiovascular system, such as calcium, magnesium, and omega-3. Therefore, sea crab meat is considered one of the great foods to help maintain the stable functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Besides, crab meat also contains a large number of B vitamins. This vitamin is the “panacea” to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, support red blood cell regeneration, and accelerate acid metabolism- amines in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Crab Taste Better Than Lobster?

Although both are seafood, lobster and crab do not taste similar. More specifically, crab meat has a mildly sweet flavor. Depending on the species of crab you choose, the meat flavor will be many times sweeter. 

What about lobster meat? Lobster meat is not as sweet as crab, but it has a rich, delicious flavor.

Does Crab Have A Fishy Taste?

Crabs are tasty and nutritious, but they often have a rather unpleasant fishy taste, especially the fishy smell that remains on the shell, which is hard to eliminate. If you do not remove the smell, the dish will lose its inherent sweetness.

Why Is King Crab So Expensive?

Crab is expensive because the process of catching it is not easy. They usually live in cold waters and rough, deep, or stormy seas. Therefore, hunting them is difficult and dangerous. In addition, king crabs live for a long time, so they are much larger in size and weight than common sea crabs.

Conclusion For ” What Does Crab Taste Like? “

This article gives you the answer to the question of what does crab taste like. You can cook it in different ways and combine it with other dishes to have a good taste. If you have any questions about crab and seafood, you can contact us anytime.

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