Maplestory 2 Thief Build

by Vivian M Knapp

Even the Thief course is really a dual-wield melee course that boasts top mobility and damages enemies slowly by using poison mechanics which provide out take effect as time passes. Thieves are usually looked down on because they may be”the worst type” from the sport.

But do not be fooled, but this course has a skill threshold and is easily the grasp. Together with all our MapleStory 2 Thief build manual, we will teach you how you can master its ability sets and also be the Thief you could be.

Rob the wealthy in Maplestory 2 Thief Build and provide it to the bad with style!

Attribute Points Distribution

A Thief’s main Attribute Points are Luck, Crucial stride , also Health. Thieves are famous for their evasiveness able to offer rapid but deadly blows.

Maxing your Luck is probably the best option here, but in case you’re a beginner in the course and you do not necessarily understand of the enemy boss mechanisms yet, then putting some points in your Health could be a fantastic idea. This way you’ll at least be able to take care of a couple blows which come your way.

When maxing your Attribute Points to Luck, then ensure you get equipment which have large Critstats. There are certain you Attribute Point equipment setups which may work better compared to other sorts of equipment. The wonderful thing about Attribute Points will be you could reset it !

That means you may experiment with the way you want distribute your APs before you discover a setup that works best for youpersonally.

Builds You Can Employ

Playing with a Thief is very tough to do, especially because you can not really utilize macro in any one of those abilities. We’ve produced a couple builds which you may use on your next dungeon raid.

Vicious Cuts Build

This type of build has got the DPS and functions exceptionally well for both leveling purposes and end content. This is because of the simple fact it is based on performing harm instantly.

The basic notion of the build will be to employ Cunning Approaches that will then update your Vicious Cuts, which makes it deal double the standard damage. To be able to regenerate SP, including in Somersault Kick with Mind Stealerat the build will likely do precisely that.

For your gameplay, simply use the Hast buff very first, then fold the ability Poison Edge. Finally, use your Cunning Approaches to stab the enemy using a blow with your Vicious Cuts. Should you run out of SP, use Somersault Kick, dashboard, and Double Slash to reevaluate your SP. Continue to utilize Vicious Cuts after your SP is 80 percent or even higher.

Poison Build

This Type of build is concentrated round the Poison mechanics of a Thief. In short, the idea is to poison your enemies then simply observe their HP return, all of the while.

This build is not for everybody and also is a great deal more difficult to play because it provides your enemies time to strike you.

If it comes to gameplay, the most basic spinning for your Poison build is utilizing Cunning Techniques , Poison Edge, followed by Poison Vial. When the Poison is near running out, utilize your Surprise Strike to do more harm since the transfer increases DPS per toxin pile.


The Thief is similar to vegemite; it is an acquired taste. Not everybody can enjoy the course, but when you’ve mastered it, but it is truly rewarding. The stackable toxin impact drains enemy HP and on account of this movement rate, a Thief is able to inflict many strikes. But be warned, because you may hit a lot of strikes, you’ll be needing a strike array. It is very important to utilize your MapleStory 2 Mesos to buy gear that is crit-based and boosts your rate.

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